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Adding Video to Drills
Adding Video to Drills

How to add videos to your drill diagrams on CoachThem.

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CoachThem has a video feature which allows you to attach a link from YouTube or Vimeo on your drill, creating a seamless viewing experience that compliments your drill diagram.

You can have multiple videos attached to your drills, so if you're breaking the surface into stations or want to add a tutorial on a specific skill, you're not restricted to adding only one video.

To use the video feature, click the video icon < place it on the sketchpad < enter your link in the Video URL modal < click Save.

To play the video, click the Play button in the tool properties.

You may edit the video link by clicking the Edit button in the tool properties.

You can turn on and off camera icons on the sketchpad by selecting the Layer button in the drill menu. The drill must be saved to use Layers.

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