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Group Subscription on CoachThem
Group Subscription on CoachThem

Create, personalize and manage your group subscription on CoachThem.

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CoachThem hosts features to help you subscribe multiple coaches and assign paid subscriptions to your fellow coaches.

Follow the steps below to create your group and pay for your coaches under one invoice.

1. Visit the Drills Page and click the "+" button next to the Shared folder.

2. Enter in your Group Name and click Add.

3. In the Manage Team window, invite your coaches by entering their email address.

4. Use the Info tab to customize your group with a logo.

5. Click the Subscription tab and click Manage Subscriptions.

6. a) CoachThem Free/Trial users: click the Add New Subscription or Add More Sports buttons, enter your payment information and adjust the number of coaches on the subscription (this includes your own).

b) CoachThem Pro subscribers: click the green Add More Coaches button and adjust your number of coaches using the scroll bar.

7. Once subscribed, use the Pay column to allocate the paid subscription for each of the coaches in your group.

After you've completed the above, all the coaches in your group can create drills and plans and share to your newly created folder!

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