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Basics of Drill Drawing
Basics of Drill Drawing

Explore the basics of drawing your own drills on CoachThem

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CoachThem users can create custom drills by using our simple, but powerful sketchpad on the drills page.

Drills can be created on desktop or tablet devices, and may be viewed on mobile phones for easy access to your drill database.

Drills 101

There are three main sections when creating your drills.

  1. Drill Menu

  2. Tool Bar

  3. Sketchpad

Drill Menu

Use the Drill Menu to name your drill, add the drill duration and change your sketchpad surface. The drill menu also has features for saving, printing, downloading, sharing, deleting and creating new drills.

Tool Bar

The Tool Bar is where you'll find lines, icons and items to create your drill. With each tool, you will find its properties above the sketchpad. This allows you to edit and customize each tool to fit your drill.


In the middle of the screen, you'll find the sketchpad. This is where you'll draw your drill and bring your creations to life.

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