Drill Storage

Access your drill database through the drills panel.

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Your drill database is found on the right side of the drills and plans pages.

Drills are stored in 5 folders (1) Personal (2) Team (3) Association (4) Marketplace (5) Shared.

Every time a new drill is created, it will be stored in your Personal folder. To move your drill or plan to a different folder, you can use our sharing features.

  • Personal - These drills are yours and only you can see them.

  • Team - Add your team with the + button and create a database of drills for you and your coaching staff.

  • Association - The ultimate collaboration resource. Share drills with every coach in your association with this folder.

  • Marketplace - A place where you can discover drills and add them to your personal database.

  • Shared - Create groups to share drills and plans with fellow coaches. Just click on the + button to get started.

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