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A guide through the tools panel and the lines and icons used to create drills.

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The tools panel holds everything needed to create and edit drills. The panel is unique for each sport, however the universal tools can be split into 6 different sections.

1. Master Tools

  • Select/Edit (V) - Used for selecting and moving icons around sketchpad.

  • Eraser (E) - Ummm... for erasing things!

2. Lines

  • Free Line (L) - Click and drag to draw freely on the sketchpad.

  • Straight Line (S) - Point A to Point B straight line. This defaults to the passing line.

3. Undo/Redo

  • Undo (⌘ + Z / CTRL + Z) - Revert previous action

  • Redo (⌘ + Y / CTRL + Y) - Redo previous action

4. Positions

  • Each sport has a unique set of position icons. (hockey shown above)

5. Advanced Tools

  • ABC - text box

  • Video - adding a video link to your drill

6. Items

  • Each sport has a unique set of position icons. (hockey shown above)

Quick Key Commands

Some tools have a quick key command assigned to them. To discover a tool's quick key command, simply hover over the tool with your cursor.

Using the character in the parenthesis, click the corresponding character on your keyboard to activate the quick key command.

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