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Basics of Practice Planning
Basics of Practice Planning

Walkthrough of the plans page, where you can build your practices and share with your coaches.

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Practice plans are created and viewed on the plans page.

Creating your first plan is simple! You can focus your attention on four main sections.

Plans Menu

Use the plan menu to name your plan, view the total practice time and schedule the plan. The plan menu also has features for saving, printing, sharing, archiving, deleting and creating new plans.

Drills Panel

On the right side of your page is the drills panel. Similar to the drills page, this panel provides storage for all drills, sorted in 5 different folders. You can add drills from any folder to your practice plan.

Use the plus button next to a drill to add it to your plan, or click the magnifying glass for a preview of the drill.

Plan Schedule

In the middle of your page, you'll find the plan schedule. This is where the drills in your practice plan will appear.

In the plan schedule, you can:

  • Change the order of your drills (click and drag)

  • Adjust the duration of each drill

  • Expand the drill diagram

  • Remove a drill from the plan

  • Add a quick note to your plan

Plan Panel

On the left side of your page is the plans panel. This is your database of practice plans stored in 5 different folders. Each time you create a new plan, it will be saved in your personal folder.

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