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Upgrade with a Promo Code
Upgrade with a Promo Code
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Promo Codes are a financial discount, and Registration Codes are extended trials.

Creating an Account and using Promo Code

  1. During registration on the Purchase Licenses page, click on the Have a promo code?

  2. Enter code and click Apply

Already on CoachThem and Upgrading using the Promo Code

  1. Click on the UPGRADE TO PRO button to enter the Promo Code.

  2. Select Have a promo code?

  3. Please enter the promo code, click Apply, then Upgrade to get access to all our FREE Marketplace drills.

Upgrading on our Subscriptions Page in Account Settings

  1. Go to the individual subscriptions page in your account settings and click the Add License button.

On the upgrade page, add your billing information, credit card and Promo Code before selecting your sport and Upgrading.

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