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Managing your Association's Coaches
Managing your Association's Coaches

Guide for association admins to support their coaches throughout the season.

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Managers and administrators have exclusive access to oversee the entire association on CoachThem.

Whether it's viewing the live activity stats of your coaches or which drills and plans are being shared, the association admins have some great tools at their disposal.

Viewing Coach Usage

To view the activity usage stats for your association, visit your association's manage tab in the account page.

In the manage tab, you'll see the entire team structure for your association. Under each team, the invited coaches will be listed and their usage stats will be featured below their profile.

The usage stats display the following:

  • Number of web sessions

  • Total drills created

  • Total plans created

In this view, you can also re-invite any inactive coaches, which are highlighted in orange.

Viewing Shared Drills & Plans

As an administrator, you can see each team's shared drills and plans. This allows you to check on your coach's progress, share and recommend drills throughout the season.

Explore your team's folders by clicking the team tab in either the drills panel or plans panel.

In each team folder, you'll see which coaches shared the drills and plans by hovering over the profile image associated with the drill.

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